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 Dashiqiao Chuangmagnesium Refractories Co., Ltd. cooperates with two large "state-owned" coking plants in the province, producing more than 10,000 tons of coal tar annually and selling to major cities at home and abroad. With advanced technology and scientific management mode, fully using coking instruments imported from Germany, the production process is precise, the product purity is high, and has a strong sales market and good reputation and market influence at home and abroad.

The company distributes a variety of coal tar deep processing products, mainly including high temperature asphalt (liquid, solid, powder), modified asphalt (liquid, solid, powder), medium temperature asphalt (liquid, solid, powder), heavy oil, anthracene oil, crude anthracene, industrial naphthalene, light oil, crude phenol, methyl naphthalene, quinoline (benzopyridine, aza naphthalene), industrial amaranth and other high-quality chemical products. Come to discuss cooperation.

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